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The only school that taught American Kenpo as Ed Parker required was run by Kevin Lamkin and his brother Eric in Louisville Kentucky until 2012.

Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Kevin and Eric Lamkin developed many reference resources for American Kenpo. It was noticed that several Kenpo associations were springing up teaching American Kenpo not consistent with the curriculum guidelines that Ed Parker had listed in his Infinites Insights Series, vol. 5. The Lamkins filmed a series of study tapes for their direct students. These videos were so successful as study aids that they were asked to film all of the material in American Kenpo to be available as a Home Study Course. The intent of this course was to present the material, as it was being taught prior to Ed Parker's death, and to preserve the 'Base Technique Method' of studying Kenpo. According to Ed Parker, after the base technique method (Ideal Phase) is learned, the student should then progressively continue to refine the techniques to individualize the Kenpo System. This 'tailored' system is to be individually practiced; however, the base system is what should be first taught.

To preserve the legacy of the American Kenpo System that existed prior to Ed Parker's death, Kevin and Eric Lamkin formed the American Kenpo Legacy Association (AKLA) which continued until 2013. That association was designed to function as a 'no-politics' association devoted to the teaching of the American Kenpo System utilizing the 24 techniques per belt curriculum that Ed Parker had designed. The resources available at the AKLA presents the American Kenpo material in the Ideal Phase (base technique) method, and then expands upon the concepts, principles and theories of American Kenpo to allow for the tailoring of the art to the individual practitioner. This follows the method of refinement of American Kenpo as Ed Parker had taught.

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