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The most complete American Kenpo manuals are now available at Written Manuals

These manuals contain over 2000 pages of written material detailing virtually every concept, principle and theory taught in American Kenpo before Ed Parker died.

Apitionally, American Kenpo video tapes are available. These products are designed to preserve the American Kenpo that the IKKA sanctioned before all of the kenpo splits and reformations. An American Kenpo Home Study Course is also available for those who wish to attain promotion. Without a doubt, these products are the most complete sources of information on American Kenpo available.

New! - These manuals are also available in CD-ROM format.  CD-ROM materials are available at the new Legacy American Kenpo Karate site at:  Written Manuals

American Kenpo - Complete Written Manuals
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Written Manuals
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Written Manuals
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